Lit by Lightning


The hotly anticipated second album “Lit by Lightning”, with a full colour A5 lyric book and CD.

Release date: 23rd February 2024

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Candacraig’s hotly anticipated second album.


“Candacraig weave dark and compelling tales set to a cornucopia of beautifully played and intricately created amalgamations of musical styles to create something very special indeed. Describing Candacraig’s sound is not easy because they intertwine so many musical influences to produce material that not many acts on the scene right now can match.” – Accidental Music Reviewer

“I really enjoy this record, and I can’t even explain why. Something brings me back; maybe it’s the nostalgia and memory imprinted upon it. An example of this is the two part “Gliding” that opens the record; Sharon drops the names of various musicians, and it seems to be a “now it’s our turn” sort of vibe that feels good and confident. It’s a great sample of what the album offers.” – The Prog Mind

‘Lit by Lightning’ Track List

  1. Gliding, Pt. 1
  2. Gliding, Pt. 2
  3. Last Transmission
  4. Ash Tree
  5. Autumn in New York
  6. St. Georges Day
  7. Electric Meat
  8. Hero of Barnsdale
  9. Crow Harvest
  10. Fortune Favours the Brave

As well as a physical CD the album is available on the following streaming platforms:
Apple Music
Bandcamp (physical CD purchase available)